LP Research Resources December 15, 2017

Top 10 Reasons Paramedic Training is a Great Career Choice

EMT and Paramedic training could become the initial step towards a career that provides personal satisfaction and something you can take pride in.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Job Security:

An EMS provider is one of the most stable vocations in today’s job market and has been for several decades. Whether you choose the EMT or paramedic training level for certification, the need for trained personnel is always in demand. According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 210,000 positions available for EMTs (emergency medical technicians) and paramedics. In addition, the projected job growth is at least 9% over the next decade.

2. Increased Demand:

Recent studies show a large increase in 9ll calls, nationally and universally. Training as a Paramedic provides the crucial instruction necessary to step into the role of filling the occupation needed to respond to the increasing calls for emergency health care services.

3. Start after High School:

Unlike many careers, you can start EMT training right after high school, with no prior college degree required. In some cases you can start while you are in high school by taking advanced placement (AP) courses which will apply towards your paramedic training courses.

4. Short Training Periods:

Unlike many health care professions requiring two-four years of education and more, an EMS education can take as little as 6 months (accelerated programs) to two years. Less time to become certified means less student debt and quicker employment.

5. Work While You Study:

In most situations and in many Emergency Medical Technician  programs, you will work as an EMT while you continue your paramedic training. Employment while you go to school – what a plus!

6. Employment After Training:

Most training schools and programs assist you in obtaining employment right after certification. The courses are designed to prepare you take the National Registry exam. Once you pass the NREMT exam you are ready for work!

7. Many Job Choices:

Once you complete your education, you will not be limited to a position as a paramedic on an ambulance or as a firefighter. Employment can be found (to name only a few) in police units, as maritime paramedics, on hazardous materials (Hazmat) teams, search and rescue teams, Medi-Vac (helicopter) responders, on offshore oil platforms, oil and mineral exploration teams, nautical rescue, pharmacist mates on ships, as well as paramedics in the military.

8. Work Anywhere:

Once licensed through your EMT and paramedic education, you have the option of working, literally, world-wide. Though certification and employment requirements vary state to state and country to country, paramedic training opens employment doors world-wide. The career of a paramedic is not held to one region or area. The demand for trained professionals allows you to move and still be able to find employment because you take your paramedic training, a valuable asset, with you.

9. Secure employment:

In most cases, and in a majority of health care fields, the position of an EMT and paramedic did not see the layoffs so typical in a recession or a sluggish economy. Health care services will always be a need, regardless of the state of the economy.

10. The Best Reason:

Paramedic training provides you with a profession that fills one of the highest desires in any job or vocation – that of a satisfying and rewarding career. The satisfaction of doing a job that (daily) makes an impact on another person, even saving a life, is one that provides an individual with a self-worth few vocations can offer.