LP Research Resources January 21, 2018

EMT to Paramedic Courses—How to begin Your Training

It’s a myth – do not believe that you can become a paramedic solely on the fact that you are a firefighter or First Responder – this misinformation has been around for years. Truth is, EMS training goes considerably above and beyond volunteering as a firefighter, First Responder, or related position. Volunteering in such as role as […]

Career Profile: Emergency Medical Services Personnel

Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics are essential aspects of emergency care, as well as a rapidly growing employment that stayed a steady employment opportunity, even during the past recession. Often the first trained personnel on a scene requiring instant and often urgent medical attention, a skilled EMS responder will be critical when responding to events […]

Hiring EMS Personnel and Paramedics Now!

We receive calls from various agencies asking if we have any potential hires due to a shortage of EMS personnel. The latest call came from Guardian EMS, a training agency established in 2000, and located in several areas of the state of Texas. Guardian is hiring for locations throughout the state, and so low on the necessary […]

Paramedic Training at a Glance

A paramedic and paramedic training is a profession often misunderstood by the average person; so I will give an overview of this career. First be aware that an emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic are not limited to working as firefighters or ambulance first responders. The EMS professional can be found in police work, hospitals, […]

Becoming a Paramedic: Background & Credit Checks

Becoming an EMT Paramedic is a difficult and long process but once you get the job the rewards are great, both financially and in other areas because most people would have a sense of pride wearing a uniform and latterly saving lives. Before you can even think of applying for a job however you must […]

EMT Paramedic – Career Overview

Paramedics are responsible for providing emergency medical care for patients who are injured or ill in an emergency or critical situation. A paramedic may be needed for a variety of emergency situations that may include automobile or boating accidents, cardiac arrest, strokes, assaults, shootings, fires, smoke inhalation, and numerous other possible scenarios. The National Registry […]

How Much Money do EMTs and Paramedics Make?

EMTs and Paramedics provide one of the most important services to society, as first responders to incidents involving health, injuries and often life and death situations. These professionals have succeeded in EMS training and are highly skilled in providing medical care that is designed to stabilize an injured individual until they reach a hospital or […]

EMT and Paramedic Jobs on Cruise Ships

While EMT training can land you an EMT job in a wide variety of employment sectors, cruise ship lines are not one of them. That is not to say if you take a cruise you are left without medical aid or emergency medical services. Cruise lines usually employ nurses and physicians. There is little need […]

Paramedic Career- Is It Right For You?

It takes a dedicated and talented person to become a Paramedic. A Paramedic has to go through a lot of intense training in order to get their certification. Paramedic training is offered all over the world, online and at community colleges. The first step to becoming a Paramedic is to get certification as an Emergency […]

Become a Paramedic and Join the Elite

As a paramedic you will work among the elite in the medical field, responding to emergencies and saving lives. This job requires a certain skill set and serious training in emergency medical care that is given en-route to a hospital or medical facility. It can include giving medications, doing electrocardiograms and using a variety of […]

Paramedic to RN with a Nursing Program

Paramedics and nurses are career fields that currently offer job security as well as a rewarding profession. A paramedic career to a registered nursing degree program allows licensed paramedics the option to apply their experience, skills and education towards an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing. Many schools offer programs sometimes referred to as […]

Emergency Medical Service Labor Alliance

  EMSLA is the Emergency Medical Service Labor Alliance. Their mission statement: “To promote a closer bond of fraternity among the member organizations and the employees they represent who work in the primary capacity of paramedic and/or EMT; to offer assistance to any distressed member organization as may be practical; to foster communications before political, […]

International Association of EMTs and Paramedics

What is the IAEP? The IAEP is the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics, and is a division of the National Association of Government Employees / SEIU Local 5000. The group represents thousands of EMS and EMT professionals across the country, includes more than 50 locals, and is active in more than 30 states. The […]

Keep Your child Safe – A Paramedic’s Story

Working as a firefighter and paramedic in Southern California for nearly 25 years, I have had my share of medical emergencies involving children at school. One call in particular stands out in my mind and later drove me to leave the fire service and start my own company called EmergiLink. It was a beautiful sunny […]

Preparation Tips for the Paramedic Interview

Ever thought of getting recruited in paramedics? Yes then buckle up for the interview process as this is the only hurdle, which when crossed, makes a person successful in the field of paramedics. But before you can do all that, you need to get past the paramedic interview. Some people are also motivated from their […]