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EMT Training Info & Paramedic School Tips

Looking for an EMT or  Paramedic Course or School? EMT paramedic training is not a career path that can be easily obtained. It requires course study dedication and countless hours of work. Every good paramedic begins by being a good EMT Basic.  Start off in the right direction when it comes to your EMT studies and you […]

Become an EMT – It’s Easy and Affordable

Becoming an EMT could be one of the best career choices an individual can make, especially in a sluggish economy. The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics states the health care industry and related fields will see favorable employment and job security through 2020. This includes all EMS personnel which are projected to grow […]

EMTs are in class during latest school shooting

EMTs and students currently enrolled in paramedic training were thrust into a “first-hand experience” situation at the site of the latest school shootings. Lone Star Community College, part of the Lone Star College System, is a campus with over 10,000 students. According to a school spokesman, three people, including one gunman, were wounded in shooting […]

First Responder & EMT – What’s the Difference?

In the U.S., Canada and many other regions around the world, most police and firefighters are certified as First Responders. Employment in homeland security, wilderness rescue, and many other EMS services require a First Responder certification. What Does a First Responder Do? The First Responder (FR) will assess the situation, provide medical help, and determine […]

Accelerated EMT Courses – an Overview

Emergency Medical Technicians have an important role in the healthcare process and emergency situations. These trained experts are often the first people to arrive at a medical emergency situation. First aid is rendered immediately. Often times patient’s lives depend on these professionals since the EMS first responders will be the ones providing help before a patient goes […]

EMT Paramedic Training – Is it Internationally Recognized?

The question often arises, is there international reciprocity recognition of EMT training or paramedic training around the world? Unfortunately, due to the fact that just the terms “EMT” and “paramedic” alone varies so greatly outside of the US, Canada, and the UK, EMT and paramedic certification and licensing will not be easily transferred or recognized […]

EMT Paramedic Training – Application Check List

EMT Paramedic certification necessitates individuals to obtain an education over and above a high school diploma. Typically, and specifically in order progress to the highest level of an EMT, a college degree at or beyond an Associate Degree is essential. Though each state and country will vary within the pre-requisites essential for applying to an […]

EMT Training Can Start in High School

EMT training can begin earlier than you think. Students who are pursuing a profession as an EMS provider can begin planning and choosing the best possible paramedic school course load as early as the beginning of their high school years. Training starts by finding good information and seeking good advice. With the help of an informed guidance […]

EMT Paramedic Training Courses – Choose the Best Path

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) schools are the first step on the journey to becoming a paramedic. Paramedics are vitally important to the communities in which they serve, and becoming certified pays off with an extremely rewarding career. An EMT career consists of four levels, beginning with EMT 1, continuing through EMT 2, EMT 3, and […]

EMT Refresher Courses

  Due to regular changes in emergency response procedures and protocols, refresher courses are required to be taken by all EMTs and paramedics, regardless of their previous education. The courses are based on updated clinical knowledge, allowing the professional EMT to maintain their skills and training to the most current level.  In-depth relevant coursework and […]

EMS Training is a Great Guarantee for Employment

Have you ever considered taking courses for an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) career? In today’s economy, it is not only individuals who have held careers for decades that are suddenly worrying about job security. Even those who are just beginning to enter the workforce for the first time have been forced to evaluate and sometimes […]

Become an EMT and Change the World

Our nation is built on the strength of those who step forward to serve the community around them. Our history is structured around heroes that put other people before their own needs, and share a concern for others that cannot be found in the common man. Since the attack on the world trade center, there […]

EMT Paramedic Training – Comprehensive Summary

  A paramedic career begins with EMT training, available in all 50 states, Canada and the UK. Each country has its specific method and levels of instruction, and the training is intense. Many other countries also have EMT training, and whether referring to it as EMS (emergency medical services) or referring to their EMS personnel by […]

EMS Training: Splinting a Fracture of the Upper Arm

When dealing with a fractured humerus, first make sure that there is no break in the skin. Discover how the best option for a simple upper-arm fracture is the rigid splint with a soft side with help from an emergency medical technician in this free video on splinting a fractured humerus. Expert: Rebecca Boutin Bio: Rebecca Boutin […]

EMS Training : Traction Splint for a Fractured Femur

When applying a traction splint, it’s important to first refer to local protocols, but a suspected femur fracture should first be treated with manual traction. Learn about fitting a traction splint over the uninjured leg before transferring it to the injured leg with help from an emergency medical technician in this free video on traction […]

EMS Care : Splinting a Fracture of the Lower Leg

When splinting a lower leg, the first step is to assess the leg to find out where the fracture is, and it’s important to remember to splint the joint above and below the fracture. Find out how to check for pulse, motor and sensory responses to the feet before applying lower leg splints with help […]

Emergency Medical Care: Treating an Open Fracture

When dealing with an open fracture, the first consideration is to control the bleeding, after which the site can be wrapped without cutting off circulation. Treating a patient and howto treat a splint and make the patient more comfortable with help from an emergency medical technician in this free video on treating open fractures.    Expert: Rebecca Boutin Bio: […]

Emergency First-Aid : Emergency Treatment for Asthma

When giving emergency treatment for asthma, there is no special equipment needed other than any medication the patient might be using for their condition. Discover emergency treatment for asthma with tips from an emergency medical technician in this free video on emergency asthma treatment.   EMS courses  require successful completion of learning to treat and perform […]

Emergency First-Aid: Treating Alcohol Poisoning

When treating alcohol poisoning, first check for consciousness and then begin the first steps of CPR. Learn the proper procedures of how to treat alcohol poisoning with help from an emergency medical technician in this free video on emergency first-aid. EMT training courses will consist of these types of scenarios.   Expert: Capt. Nathan mcconnell […]

Emergency First Aid : How to Stop a Nosebleed

When stopping a nosebleed, instead of leaning back like most people think to do, you should actually pinch your nose and lean forward. Learn how to stop a nose bleed with advice from an emergency medical technician in this free video on emergency first aid.  An EMT training class will consist of these types of scenarios. […]