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EMT Training & Paramedic School Info

Top 10 Reasons Paramedic Training is a Great Career Choice

Paramedic training could be the first step towards a career that will provide you with personal satisfaction and pride. Here are a few reasons why: 1. Job Security: An EMT paramedic is one of the most stable vocations in today’s job market and has been for several decades. Whether you choose the EMT or paramedic training level for … Read More..

Paramedic Training Schools & EMT Training – Updating Now

This is your detailed resource website for EMS training and courses information. We are currently in the process of adding & updating all states, schools, and their details.  Please check back on a regular basis for new and updated schools, information, and material. In the meantime, check out our articles to get started on a career in … Read More..

EMT Training – First Step Towards a Paramedic Career

Paramedic training and EMT or paramedic certification is a dream career for many, but the requirements and the route towards certification can be complicated and even confusing. The necessary education varies by certification level and course requirements, as well as specifics required by each school. Furthermore, states and countries have their … Read More..

EMT Training Info & Paramedic School Tips

Looking for an EMT or  Paramedic Course or School? EMT paramedic training is not a career path that can be easily obtained. It requires course study dedication and countless hours of work. Every good paramedic begins by being a good EMT Basic.  Start off in the right direction when it comes to your EMT studies and you won’t have to worry … Read More..

EMT Courses – How to Start Your Training

First Responders and firefighters possess highly respected skills; however, contrary to belief, you cannot become a paramedic solely on the fact that you are a firefighter or First Responder. For years it has been the misconception that volunteering as a firefighter, First Responder, or similar position qualifies you to be an EMT or paramedic. … Read More..

Does EMT Training Require a College Degree?

Do EMTs and Paramedics need a college degree? -  is the question most often asked by those considering an EMS career.  Not necessarily, and not in all cases, but let’s discuss the details. Both EMTs and paramedics require specific instruction and educational courses in order to receive EMT certification. The education required depends upon the … Read More..

What is an EMT?

An EMT is a skilled, trained individual who is often the first responder to perform emergency medical care services. Emergency Medical Technician is the precise definition of the acronym EMT and even though the term varies among jurisdiction, the term is used and recognized in many countries. An EMT is frequently known and/or referred to as an … Read More..

Online EMT Training Courses

First Responder and EMT training is one of the initial steps towards Paramedic Licensure and certification. However, demands, obligations, and conflicting schedules can make this seem impossible. Don’t give up on becoming an EMT or paramedic if this is your dream or aspiration. EMS, EMT (Basic, Advanced, and Intermediate), and paramedic training … Read More..

EMT & Paramedic – What’s the Difference?

Are EMTs and paramedics very different? The answer yes, and it is primarily based on the level of EMS instruction, training and education, and the level of authority allowed when administering EMS services. Basic EMT training can be as short as 12 weeks or as long as 6 months, depending upon the paramedic school you attend. The education … Read More..

International EMT Paramedic Training

The issue of precisely where and how to obtain EMT or paramedic training certification is certainly one that is not easily answered. However, you will find many factors that will help you determine which is the best path for you. Nonetheless, one can find EMT and paramedic training in a majority of countries and regions around the … Read More..

EMT Paramedic Career Options & Employment

Trained, certified, and licensed EMT and paramedics are in demand! The need for emergency medical services and trained personnel continuously increases with EMS job growth anticipated to rise by 9% over the next few years for both EMT Basic and EMT Paramedic. Particularly, paramedics will enjoy good job security, as emergency services and EMS … Read More..

Accelerated EMT Training & Paramedic Courses

Accelerated EMT Courses - the quick, inexpensive way of becoming EMS certified. Emergency Medical Technician certification is a great employment path during these economic times; actually even prosperous times.  Aware of the benefits of being a certified, those aspiring to become a part of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) channel all their … Read More..

EMS – Job Searching

EMT and Paramedic jobs are still a solid career path. Are you planning on a career in emergency care services? There are a large number of recruitment companies looking for people to work in these highly specialized fields. Emergency services include flight paramedics, ambulance drivers, firefighters, paramedics, and various other specialized … Read More..