LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

NREMT Testing Tips Check List

The NREMT exam is NOT based upon the paramedic school text books used in EMT paramedic training courses. The exam is based upon the NREMT Practice Analysis done every five years. EMT training and paramedic school text books only give you their interpretation of those standards. Regardless, the best way to be prepared is to know what you covered in class. Put extra emphasis to studying the areas you struggled in, or the EMS courses that were the most difficult to pass. Draw on the strengths you found when you were undergoing your paramedic training classes.

Testing Tips

• The NREMT test will not have black or white answers to the questions, meaning questions with one obviously correct answer. If you are uncertain, start by eliminating the answers you know are incorrect and then choose the best possible answer from those remaining. Usually two are obviously incorrect, leaving two remaining answers to choose from.

• If the questions seem to become more complex, do not be concerned. The program is merely finding your level of capability, your “knowledge” level, and will adjust as you answer questions.

• You CANNOT skip a question at any point in the NREMT exam. You must answer the question presented before the program allows you to proceed to the next question. Do not let that frustrate you. Again, eliminate and move on.

• Look out for words like EXCEPT, ALWAYS, NEVER, MOST APPROPRIATE and other words that force an answer or puts limits on the potentially correct answer.

• Read the entire question thoroughly. Do this at least twice and prepare the answer in your head before you look at the multiple choice answers. Looking at the answer choices before reading and/or understanding the question thoroughly could lead you to choose an incorrect answer.

• Do not become frustrated and complicate the question or scenario situation. Read the question as it is presented to you, and do not read “in between the lines”. This will cause you to overlook the basics, usually what the question is pointing to.

Last, and most important…RELAX. Sit comfortably, and breathe. Remember, you are taking this exam to become certified in one of the most elite professions, that of a paramedic; a professional who is trained to respond under critical, tense and stressful situations. If you can perform your duties as a paramedic under those conditions, then you can take the test and not let stress or anxiety overcome the clear thinking needed to pass the NREMT exam.