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EMS Training is a Great Guarantee for Employment

Have you ever considered taking courses for an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) career? In today’s economy, it is not only individuals who have held careers for decades that are suddenly worrying about job security. Even those who are just beginning to enter the workforce for the first time have been forced to evaluate and sometimes even reconsider their career of choice before heading to college or secondary school. The idea that any job you have been to school for and trained diligently for might not be a secure option can be a frightening one.

There is one career field in this shaky economy where no job cuts are expected and all job forecasters have agreed the demand for it will continue to increase. That career profession is the medical field, one that holds thousands of different jobs and career opportunities EMTs and paramedics are part of this medical career field. Choosing to pursue a profession is the EMS field, quite possibly, one of the safest choices you can make in terms of job security. Demand for EMS training is on the rise as potential students seek an education in a field that will yield employment upon certification.

EMS training is one of the few medical professions that can begin as early as the age of 17. In particular within the U.S., most states accept age 17 and a requirement of a high school diploma as the beginning of enrollment for EMT training basics. In addition, the Advanced courses offered at many high schools give a student the opportunity to get a jump start on a great career. Not only are you able to start your EMS training while still in high school, you have the potential to be working as an EMT while studying to advance your certification with paramedic training.

An EMS job, and the gratifying career as a paramedic, provides important associations within the health sector. For those who have completed paramedic training there are many opportunities available, including advancement towards a nursing degree or physician. Many EMS personnel have gone back to school for continuing education in occupations such as radiologist, physician assistants, and pharmacists. The question would arise, “Is this change in careers due to dissatisfaction in the paramedic profession?” In most cases we are told it has more to do with EMTs and paramedics enjoying their occupation so much they merely want to get more involved in the health care field. These professionals, who once began their training as an EMT Basic, are now so well trained they have seen the great needs in health care and are willing to step into advanced roles, including that of a paramedic.

EMS training can provide you with job security and can present a very rewarding career in a time when the employment industry has become uncertain. Certification can set an individual up for a fantastic profession that will always be needed, is extremely important, and an occupation of which the foundation revolves around helping others in the most fundamental and vital of ways.

In conclusion, medical needs and life or death situations do not take a holiday or “get laid off”. The need for medical assistance by those trained in emergency services is a constant. EMT jobs are not going to be a thing of the past, no matter how much we advance in technology or presentation of emergency medical services.

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There are a large number of recruitment companies looking for people to work in these highly specialized fields. Emergency services include flight paramedics, ambulance drivers, firefighters, paramedics and various other specialized personnel. There is a high demand these days in many countries, for specialized EMS personnel to work in these fields.

In the U.S., UK and Canada alone there are a numerous companies recruiting people for the emergency services. Trained and certified EMS personnel in these fields have a number of options to choose from. They can either opt to work from their own country or work abroad.  Not only does this give them a head start on their careers, but it is also an opportunity to learn about cultures and traditions of various countries, as well as travel. This can be a unique and adventurous experience, and even better, a rewarding one! Some of the more popular companies for recruitment include:

• PC USA • Fire Career Assistant • The Job Spider • Kelly Services Recruitment

Medical fields and emergency fields are given top priority by these companies. These are included in their job database for easy access. These companies also run a number of online services which are kept up to date by them. This is a great way to get information and stay in touch with the latest news in this field. Various jobs available in emergency services include:

• Surgeon/Physician • Nurse • First Responder • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) • Paramedic • Flight Paramedic • Firefighter • Police

These are a few options available for people looking towards a career in this field. This service has a huge advantage that one can choose the job that suits them including the specialization, the salary, working hours including full time as well as part time jobs etc. With such a large number of options to choose from, one can be in complete control of their careers.

Companies which recruit people online for emergency services are very good at matching employees with the right kinds of employers suitable for them. Many of these companies have a track record of success stories where a number of people have been secured jobs that are just right for them. Signing up for these online services is very easy and affordable. While some of these online services are free, others require a small amount to be paid as a fee. This money is well spent as they guarantee satisfaction both for the companies and also save a great deal time and effort by avoiding the frustrations of job interviews and screening.