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EMT Paramedic Training in Missouri

Missouri has a large EMS organization and the state is often hiring certified EMS personnel. EMT and paramedic training, licensing and certification in the state of Missouri are governed by the Missouri Department of Health. This state bureau has the responsibility of managing the entire EMS system for the state of Missouri.

In the state of Missouri those who have completed EMS training find employment primarily with ambulance services, fire departments, private industries, and corporations. The Missouri training also prepares EMS personal to work in both clinical and emergency environments.

All applicants wishing to receive EMS licensing in the state of Missouri must complete an approved training program and courses. In addition, all levels of EMT must provide proof of current certification with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and submit the proof along with the EMS personnel license application which can be downloaded online. Passing a background check is also required. Currently, there is no cost for a background check conducted by the Missouri Bureau of EMS. However, if you have resided outside the state of Missouri at any time within in the last five years of your application, then you are required to provide two finger print cards in order to facilitate a national criminal background check.


Training requirements:

EMT/paramedic training in most Missouri schools or courses requires an applicant to:

  • Possess a High school graduation diploma (or equivalent) or be a student in good standing at the high school junior or senior level.
  • Be 18 years of age  (by the time you take the NREMT).
  • Pass a basic interview for maturity of judgment, sound moral character and a health status check, required to meet physical and mental demands of the occupation.
  • Submit proof of required immunizations.
  • Pass a thorough, department approved background check.
  • Pass a department approved drug and alcohol screening.
  • Proof of current health insurance.
  • Possess a current CPR for Healthcare Provider certification.

Core Certification Requirements for EMS licensing in the state of Missouri
and Relicensing requirements:

EMT-B: An applicant for EMT Basic re-licensure must acquire 100 hours of continuing education every five years. This includes 48 hours of continuing education and 52 hours of EMS related elective hours.  These core requirements can be obtained by attending two 24 hour EMT-B  DOT refresher programs or by attending continuing education programs containing the necessary content of the refresher.

EMT-P: An applicant for relicensing of an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic applicant must acquire 144 hours of Continuing Education every 5 years. This includes 96 hours of core requirements which can be obtained by attending two 48 hour EMT-P refresher programs or by attending continuing education programs containing the necessary content of the refresher.

Internet or any distant learning course is accepted for EMS certification; however the course(s) must be accredited by the Missouri Bureau of EMS or CECBEMS approved. Verify the refresher course(s) you are taking are accredited and accepted by the Missouri Bureau of EMS or CECBEMS approved. Many of the current online courses do not meet the actual requirements of the NREMT.

For both relicensing requirements – previous versions of core requirements cannot be used. Furthermore, relicensing must be applied no less than 30 days prior to the certification’s expiration date. EMS personnel coming from another state must be or become Nationally Registered and next apply for a license in Missouri. Once you are licensed, you are not required by the MO Bureau of EMS to maintain National Registry.

Contact Information

Missouri Bureau of EMS
PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570
Phone: 573-751-6356
Email: EMSINFO@health.mo.gov OR emslicensing@health.mo.gov