LP Research Resources January 21, 2018

EMT and Paramedic Training in Demand

If you have been considering EMT and paramedic training, this might be the perfect time to choose your training or school.  Hurricane Sandy, school shootings, global warming, current disasters; all these scenarios remind us of the importance of First Responders. Our nation is built on the strength of those who step forward to serve the […]

EMT Paramedic – A Strong Career in a Weak Economy

In today’s economy a paramedic is a part of the health care industry, one of the few fields where jobs are not scarce, and actually have a positive outlook for years to come. With just a minimum education, most anyone can become an EMT through the right instruction. With proper training you will find yourself on the […]

Paramedics Working in Disaster Areas

Several tornadoes have touched down in the Midwest and the South recently, reportedly injuring hundreds and killing several people. This is when the profession of an EMT paramedic is vital to a community. People living in areas susceptible to twisters and tornados know what to do if when they hear the weather warnings or sirens. […]

Paramedic Training Led Me to Become a Physician

Several years ago I enrolled in a paramedic school and began coursework to become a licensed paramedic in my state. Within just a few months I completed the paramedic training courses and applied my education and the hands-on experience I had learned in the classes to become an EMT Paramedic. I was thrilled to leave […]

Make More Money in the Emergency Medical Field

If you’re an Emergency Medical Technician looking to increase your earnings potential, or if you’re considering a career in the paramedic field, you may want to consider going back to school for a higher degree or certification. According to Payscale.com, the national pay average for a certified EMT with more than 5 years EMS experience […]

Career Opportunities for Paramedics

When I began my EMS career in the late 1980’s, paramedics were still somewhat of a rare commodity in our county. Mostly rural EMS, our service covered the county with an EMT-A, or Advanced EMT, and three basic EMTs. We would also have a part-time paramedic on duty, but he only responded to calls that […]

Term Life Paramedical Exam

A Quick Look at the Term Life Paramedical Exam. Let’s talk a little bit about a crucial part of the underwriting process for term life insurance enrollment…the paramedical exam. We’ll discuss what it is, its importance, and the things you can do to have the best possible results (which translates into the best possible rates). […]

Paramedics in the UK

A paramedic in the UK is senior ambulance service healthcare professional who save people’s lives in an emergency. It is in fact a demanding job for all the paramedics. All the hospitals in UK hire paramedics to extend their services. Being a Paramedic is a tough and a challenging job. It is different than all […]