LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

Paramedic Career- Is It Right For You?

It takes a dedicated and talented person to become a Paramedic. A Paramedic has to go through a lot of intense training in order to get their certification. Paramedic training is offered all over the world, online and at community colleges.

The first step to becoming a Paramedic is to get certification as an Emergency Medical Technician basic. This class is designed to teach your basic lifesaving skills such as CPR, codes, what to do in a trauma situation, numbers and basic skills. Upon completing this class you must possess your CPR certification and have a series of shots such as MMR and Hep B. With this certification you must also past a drug screening and a physical. With this class you are required to ride on an Ambulance for a minimal of hours.

The next level of courses that you need to take to receive your Paramedic degree is the Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate. This class is a little more advanced it still has some of the same pre-requisites such as CPR certification, series of shots and a drug screening as well as a background check. This class is a little more in depth than the Emergency Medical Technician basic you will further your skills in knowledge as to different kinds of medicines and how to manage a trauma situation. This class has more hands on hours. This class also has more in depth classroom and hands on hours as well.

Paramedic Certification

After you have successfully completed both the Emergency Medical Technician basic and intermediate you can now advance to the Paramedic level. With these courses you are almost a full-fledged Paramedic. You will have to work in a clinical setting such as a hospital, as well as additional field work like ambulance services. In order to obtain your Paramedic license you must be able to pass the National Registry Exam. Once you have passed the exam you can now obtain your Paramedic license and you are ready to work as a Paramedic.

The schedules of a Paramedic vary from state to state. Most work places require you to work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Due to the intensity of the work life this kind of job can be very hectic and stressful. Every house or scene that you pull up on will be different so there never tends to be a dull moment of this job.

In order to keep your paramedic training education up you must keep up a series of things up to date; shots, pass random drug screenings CPR certification, and refresher courses. Most employers require you take several refresher classes, whether throughout the year or on a bi-annual basis. One purpose is to keep you up to date on the latest technology. Getting your Paramedic license takes approximately 2 years to complete.

There are a lot of different things and career paths that you can do with these certifications; you are not just limited to being a Paramedic. You are on the path to a rewarding career!