LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

EMT Paramedic – A Strong Career in a Weak Economy

In today’s economy a paramedic is a part of the health care industry, one of the few fields where jobs are not scarce, and actually have a positive outlook for years to come. With just a minimum education, most anyone can become an EMT through the right instruction. With proper training you will find yourself on the front lines of the medical emergency world and holding secure employment. You will often be a first responder in a long line of health emergencies, from a heart attack to an accident injury. Regardless of advancements in technology and safety features in the world around us, these are not “environments” or situations that are going to diminish or recede. Thus, as long as human beings have health issues and tend to get themselves into predicaments requiring medical attention, there will always be a need for EMTs and paramedics.

First let’s review.

The difference between an EMT (emergency medical technician) and a Paramedic is the degree of  education and training, as well as the level of command permitted when providing EMT assistance. Basic EMT training programs could be as short as 12 weeks or as long as 6 months. The paramedic training instruction necessary to be a licensed paramedic usually takes 12 to 24 months of education and instruction.

A career as an emergency medical personnel provides strong connections within the health sector. For those who have completed EMT paramedic training there are many opportunities available, including advancement towards a nursing degree or physician. Furthermore, medical needs and life or death situations do not take a holiday or “get laid off”. The need for medical assistance by a paramedic is a constant.

Demand for Qualified Personnel

EMTs and paramedics are also part of a profession which has needs for qualified personnel all over the world. Demand for individuals with EMS training is on the rise. Whether it is the paramedic needed for maritime services or disaster assistance, to wilderness rescue, the paramedic who has completed his or her education will be in a job market that is in high demand.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2018 the emergency medical sector will have grown by 9% and possibly more. Most of these paramedic jobs can be found in the major cities. Smaller towns and rural areas generally have volunteer EMTs. The individual who has completed paramedic training is a valued employee and will not be confined to one area for employment. A paramedic will work closely with local police and fire personnel, physicians, hospitals and health care facilities.

Entering the emergency medical technician field is a rewarding and possibly lucrative experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics currently finds the median wage around $12.88, with an experienced paramedic having wages ranging from $23-25.00 an hour. As the job market becomes more competitive, it is important to note that the more education and skills you have, the better your chances of securing permanent employment as a paramedic and a higher income wage.

Paramedic Career

A career as a paramedic is best for individuals who have an interest in patient care, work well under pressure, have good communication and people skills, and perform well in emotional or difficult situations. Paramedic training cannot provide these necessary qualities, the paramedic training can only teach you how to use them. Paramedics also need to be physically strong and healthy in order to perform well on the job, as there is often heavy lifting required. If you fit these requirements you can be a candidate for a strong career, one that will weather the storm of economically challenging times.

From Paramedic to Physician

Paramedic Certification can lead to other career options.  Allen is one paramedic who found that to be true. Allen tells us, “During my time as a paramedic I began to realize how meaningful the job was to me and how much I enjoyed working in the medical field. Not only had I enjoyed paramedic school, but the EMT training I had received opened me up to a world of experiences in the medical and health care industry. I began considering my options and investigating advanced career opportunities in which I could build upon my paramedic training and experience, and move to a higher level …Read more