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Los Angeles County Paramedic Training Institute

The Paramedic Training Institute of Los Angeles County offers EMS courses at El Camino Community College, which is located in Torrance, California and serves the South Bay area. The training program offered through the school is a joint effort between Los Angeles County EMS agency, PTI, and Department of Health Services, and the College.

Program Information

The El Camino College, in collaboration with the Paramedic Training Institute, is a six-month comprehensive program that meets all of the requirements as set by the state of California for paramedic certification. Each year there are four classes offered that are full time. The Classes begin in July, October, January, and April. The program is only available full time and lasts for six months. The beginning of the training for paramedic course lasts for 13 weeks and takes place in the classroom. The next four weeks consist of clinical work at local hospitals. The last 12 weeks are an internship, which are located at a fire station located locally. Broken down, the course consists of 450 hours of lab/lectures, 160 hours of clinical work in a hospital, and 480 – 720 hours in a field internship.

Program Information

The following requirements must be met to be accepted into the program:

An application for the paramedic courses must be completed. Applications remain in the system for a two-year period.
Individuals must provide EMT 1 certification verification.
The school will complete fingerprinting and a full background check.
In addition, an individual must have at least six months of employment verification as an active EMT 1.
Proof of a medical examination within the past 12 months must be shown at time of enrollment into the program.
Three letters of reference from co-workers or supervisors must be given.
Immunization records
Drivers license
High school diploma or G.E.D.
Fire Academy completion
Orientation-8 hour class prior to beginning the program is required.

The total costs for the paramedic training program are approximately $2000.

Contact Information

For more information about the program or to turn in your completed application, contact Michele Hanley, Paramedic Program Director.
L.A. County EMS Agency, Paramedic Training Institute
10100 Pioneer Boulevard, Suite 200
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(562) 347-1571
Fax: (562) 941-5835 if you fax, be sure to put ‘Attention: Paramedic Training Application’