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Paramedics in the UK

A paramedic in the UK is senior ambulance service healthcare professional who save people’s lives in an emergency. It is in fact a demanding job for all the paramedics. All the hospitals in UK hire paramedics to extend their services. Being a Paramedic is a tough and a challenging job. It is different than all the other jobs. You can get recruited by a paramedic consultancy in your city. For becoming a paramedic there are several tests that are been organized in UK. You have to clear these tests with good marks if you want to get recruited at the top hospitals in the city.

Terms, conditions and qualifications.

You have to be registered with the Health Professional Council (HPC). Clinical training is also required when it comes to becoming a paramedic. HPC has to offer you a certificate after completing the clinical training course. There are many universities which provide degree courses for paramedic approved by HPC. Your entry requirements will also depend on the qualification you would like to have, it consists of 5GCSES, Mathematics, English, Science, Life Science and Natural Science. Technical level entry can also be achieved by joining the ambulance services as a Care Assistant. Experience of Ambulance Technician will be accepted for paramedic training.

Additional Requirements

There are some other qualifications of training for paramedic, which are generally required:
You should be 18 years of age however there are some other services where you need to be above 21 years. You should have completed your level of standard education. You should also pass all the tests conducted by the recruitment agency. Medical test should also be cleared at any cost. One year old manual driving license should be acquired. 1 and D1 qualifications are must if the driving license is obtained after the year 1996. This category lets you drive passenger cars and medium sized vehicles. Hospital specific tests should also be cleared when it comes to ambulance driving. All the ambulances in the UK carry out a police CRB check. You should also have the consistence of working in 24/7 shifts as paramedics are required whenever there is an emergency. You should be physically fit since bad health candidates are not permitted in this case. You should have a good presence of mind and should be capable of taking the right decisions. In today’s life accident take places everywhere so you should be always ready with the kit to serve the injured person. These are the main qualification required to be a paramedic.

Internet is one of the best and useful sources which allow you to understand different courses offered by some of the institutes. These institutes usually charge a minimum course fee which is affordable. In case, you have any financial problem then a loan can be obtained to apply for the course. All the banks and financial institutions provide loans for such courses. Information about all the institutes that provide courses in the field of paramedic must be considered before enrolling for a course in the institute. You can refer the internet for the study material, as it will broaden your view in understanding the subject.