LP Research Resources February 24, 2018

Paramedic Training Led Me to Become a Physician

Several years ago I enrolled in a paramedic school and began coursework to become a licensed paramedic in my state. Within just a few months I completed the paramedic training courses and applied my education and the hands-on experience I had learned in the classes to become an EMT Paramedic. I was thrilled to leave a job which was going nowhere and I finally felt like I was working at a career which was rewarding and full of potential. EMT training put me in the perfect environment for work I found to be exciting and gratifying.

During my time as a paramedic I began to realize how meaningful the job was to me and how much I enjoyed working in the medical field. Not only had I enjoyed paramedic school, but the education I had received opened me up to a world of experiences in the medical and health care industry. I began considering my options and investigating advanced career opportunities in which I could build upon my paramedic training and experience, and move to a higher level in the medical industry. As a paramedic I had used my skills and participated in hands on situations in a variety of medical facilities and environments. The more I experienced as a paramedic, the more interest I had. This led me to going back to school and enrolling in a pre-med program.

EMS Coursework for Medical School

I was able to understand the classes and coursework easily due to the knowledge I had obtained while studying EMS courses and my time working first as an EMT, and then as a paramedic. By continuing to work through EMS courses, I was also able to keep up with living expenses and bills, as well as pay for textbooks and school costs which were not covered by student loans. In addition, my paramedic training gave me a head start on required classes. As medical school is a tertiary educational, it can take several years to graduate and become licensed. Yet, due to my EMS education, I had already completed many of the mandatory courses and was able to advance quickly into my pre-med education. Once I completed pre-med, I enrolled in medical school, finished my undergraduate work, and then my post-undergraduate education. Four years later I became the first physician in my family history.

Paramedic school led me from EMT basic, to paramedic, to a doctor! I can’t tell you how proud my family is of me and how much I have enjoyed working as a physician. Looking back upon my career path, I realize that signing up for EMT training gave me the foundation I needed to advance to where I am today. As much as I enjoyed working in the field as an EMT, I truly enjoy being a physician. I am able to work out of my own office and enjoy the financial and personal benefits that come from being a reputable local physician in my community. I look forward to what the future holds and I continue to hold fond memories of my days as an paramedic.