LP Research Resources January 23, 2018

McLennan Community College Paramedic Program

McLennan Community College EMT paramedic training program offers students the necessary courses for certification at the highest level of paramedic.

Located in Waco, Texas, McLennan Community College has been around since 1965. The campus is located on 230 acres and is next to the Bosque River and Cameron Park. The Emergency Services Education program center is located near the Waco Regional Airport.

Program Information

McLennan Community College offers both a certificate and an advanced associate degree for EMT paramedic training certification. The total credit hours required for the certificate degree is 59 and the total number of credit hours for the associate degree is 86. Both programs take two years to complete, with semesters broken down into fall and spring.

For students enrolling in 30 credit hours per year, the average cost for tuition, books, supplies, room and board, and other miscellaneous items is approximately $10,788 for those living in district and around $14,000 for those out of district. (These are 2010-2011 fees) There may be other fees that apply to students in the paramedic program such as examination fees, lab fees, and the cost o f a background check/drug screening, and uniforms among other equipment.

Program Prerequisites

In order to be accepted into the paramedic training program, students must meet all of the admission requirements of the college. In addition, students must submit all previous high school or college transcripts, including ACT, SAT, TASK or Accuplacer  scores and transcripts to the administration office.

Students must complete the Accuplacer examination and have a minimum score of 82 on the reading portion, E64-95 on the math portion and a W5 or higher on the writing portion.

Once this is completed, a meeting must be scheduled with the program director. Before starting EMS training courses all immunization requirements must be current.

Contact Information

For more information about the EMS programs offered through the college, call 254-299-8311, you can also contact the office through Donna George at dgeorge@mclennan.edu.