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Del Mar College Paramedic Training Program

The Del Mar College paramedic training program offers students the necessary courses for certification at the highest level of EMT paramedic.

Del Mar College is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The college campus is on South Staples Street, which is near the H.E. Butte Park and located just off 286. The college also has two other campuses in the area. Del Mar College offers both a certificate and associate degree program for students interested in becoming a paramedic.

Program Information

The paramedic school curriculum, both the certificate and associate degree, begin in the fall. Both programs typically take approximately two years to complete. The certificate degree consists of 49 credit hours and the associate’s degree consists of 72 credit hours.

Advanced  Paramedic Training programs begin twice a year. The daytime courses started each fall, and a night paramedic program is started each spring. Admission into either the Fall (day program) or the Spring (night program) require applicants to submit their completed admissions packets by the following deadlines:
FALL – First week of July
SPRING – First week of November

However, be sure to verify these deadlines as current with the EMS office.

The current cost per three credit hours is $330 for district residents, $480 for out of district residents, and $577 for out of state or international students. This is only the cost of tuition per three credit hours and does not include the cost of examination fees, background check, books, uniforms, and other fees that may arise.

Program Prerequisites

In order to qualify for the paramedic training program there are four courses that are required to be taken by each prospective student. They are EMSP 1501 and EMSP 2160, Biol 1371 and HPRS 1206. This amounts to EMT basic, clinical, anatomy and physiology, and essentials of medical terms.

Admission requirements by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) for all students who enroll in the EMT-Basic course and the paramedic training state that prior to starting clinical rotations, students must submit current immunization records showing that all immunizations (e.g. MMR, DPT) are current. This includes a current Tuberculosis test (no more than six (6) months old), as well as have completed the Hepatitis B series of inoculations.

Additionally, students will have to submit to a background check and drug screening before starting the clinical portion of the program. Students must also have a completed program application, immunization records, CPR certification, and EMT basic certification on file.

The Clinical Coordinator will help potential EMT students as to where and how these requirements can be met.

Contact Information

The director EMS Professions Program is Chris R. Black.
You can email him with any questions at cblack@delmar.edu. ~ or call (361) 698-1724.