LP Research Resources January 23, 2018

Alvin Community College EMT Paramedic Program

The Alvin Community College EMT paramedic training program offers students the necessary courses for certification at the highest level of  paramedic.

Alvin Community College is located in Pearland, Texas. The campus is very near the Prensner Stadium and is located in the southeast portion of the state. The college serves the Houston and Galveston area.

Program Information

Alvin Community College offers several choices for students wishing to enroll in    school. There are two Associate of Applied Science degrees, which are Emergency Medical Technology and EMT training with Enhanced Skills Certificate. The other options are certificate programs in Emergency Medical Technology or Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate program. The EMT Enhanced Skills Certificate will prepare the student for sitting for the national paramedic examination. It will take two years to complete and consists of 77 credit hours.

The paramedic training degree program consists of lectures, skills training, and clinicals that take place in a hospital and ambulance setting.

Program Prerequisites

To qualify, a student must be admitted to the college and accepted into the paramedic training school. Copies of any certifications currently held will be required upon applying. Students must be at least 18-years-old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and hold a current (updated) basic CPR certification. Students will be expected to pay for all the state health services fees, including examination fees and to purchase appropriate uniforms and equipment. A physical examination, copy of current immunizations, and a TB test are additional requirements. Students must also purchase liability insurance for the entire time they are enrolled in the program.

Contact Information

For more information about the programs offered through Alvin Community College call 281-756-5640 or email EMT@alvincollege.edu.  Program Director: Douglas R Stevenson 281-756-3650.