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EMT Paramedic Training in Idaho

EMT training and EMT paramedic training, licensing and certification in the state of Idaho are governed by the Idaho Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma. This state bureau must approve all the applicants, as well as their certifications, before the individual can be employed in the state of Alabama as an EMT. This agency oversees all ambulance services, in addition to governing the Emergency Medical Technicians.

Idaho has four levels of EMS certification: FR – First Responder; EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced, and EMT-Paramedic.

Certification and licensing vary state to state, and not only are there specific requirements for the levels of training, states also have additional requirements specific to each entities guidelines. These must be met in order to work within the state you are seeking employment in, regardless of your EMT training or certification. All Idaho training courses for First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced and/or EMT-Paramedic must be approved by the EMS Regulatory Board and students must know the required material set forth in the Department of Transportation EMT Curriculum.  This is why an accredited school or program is a must when choosing your training path.

To become a certified EMT or EMT paramedic in the state of Idaho an individual must first:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • pass a criminal background check
  • possess current CPR certification
  • have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • pass a drug screening
  • possess current immunization records
  • have a valid ID driver’s license
  • pass a physical

Submit the above documentations, along with a completed Idaho EMS application (downloadable online), to the Idaho Emergency Medical Services for approval and acceptance into a program.  You will then be ready to enroll in EMS courses. Courses are usually approved by the EMS Bureau 30-90 days in advance of the date the course starts.

Idaho EMS license renewals may be applied for both in person or online through the Idaho Emergency Medical Services website.

Reciprocity of Licenses & Certifications from Other States

The state of Idaho does accept EMS reciprocity, (not all states do); however, you may be required to take additional training if courses previously taken are not approved by the Idaho EMS Bureau. If you have passed the NREMT exam and/or are certified from another state you will still need Idaho accreditation in order to become certified or licensed as an EMS provider in the state of Idaho. In addition, the certification from another state must be CURRENT throughout all testing to be eligible to take the National Registry written exam.

Some Reciprocity requirements include:

  1. A transition course may be needed if your initial training was not based on the 2011 Idaho EMS Curriculum which is based on the National Education Standards. If you are unsure if your training meets the requirements, contact a coordinator or view the approved courses online.
  2. Pass a background check.
  3. Connect, for affiliation, with a licensed Idaho EMS agency.

The following are EMT training and paramedic schools in Idaho that offer accredited EMT or Paramedic training programs.

College of Western Idaho, College of Southern Idaho Brigham Young University – Idaho Branch, Lewis-Clark State College, and University of Idaho.

There are additional requirements for pursuing an EMS career and details of these are fairly common state to state. Read the articles EMT Training and EMT Paramedic Training for details and a list of these requirements.

Salaries in Idaho

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that EMTs and paramedics (combined) took in a mean annual salary of around $34,000 in 2011 (www.bls.gov). That average salary was slightly higher in Idaho, listed at around $37,000 annually. Over 1,000 EMS personnel were employed in Idaho in 2011.

Contact Information (can be directed to the agency nearest you.)

Idaho Emergency Medical Services

Central Office of Idaho EMS
590 West Washington St,
Boise, Idaho 83702

North Office of Idaho EMS
State Office Building
1118 F St.
PO Drawer B
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

East Office of Idaho EMS
150 Shoup, #7
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

Southwest Office of Idaho EMS
590 W. Washington Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

South Central Office of Idaho EMS
601 Pole Line Road, Suite 7
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301