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EMS – Job Searching

EMT and Paramedic jobs are still a solid career path. Are you planning on a career in emergency care services? There are a large number of recruitment companies looking for people to work in these highly specialized fields. Emergency services include flight paramedics, ambulance drivers, firefighters, paramedics, and various other specialized personnel. There is a high demand these days in many countries, for specialized EMS personnel to work in these fields.

In the U.S., UK, and Canada alone there are a numerous companies recruiting people for the emergency services. Trained and Trained and certified EMS and EMT paramedic personnel in these fields have a number of options to choose from. They can either opt to work from their own country or work abroad.  Not only does this give them a head start on their careers, but it is also an opportunity to learn about cultures and traditions of various countries, as well as travel. This can be a unique and adventurous experience, and even better, a rewarding one! Some of the more popular companies for EMS recruitment and job information assistance include:

• EMS Job Center
• State EMS Depts. of Health Services Bureaus
• Fire Career Assistance
• The Job Spider
• EMS Employment Services
• Kelly Services Recruitment

Those with certification in the medical field and emergency field are often given top priority by recruitment companies specializing in these areas. These companies are also a great way to get information and stay in touch with the latest news in this field. Various jobs available in emergency services can be found in and include:

• Private Ambulance Companies
• Fire Services & Fire Departments
• Law Enforcement
• Hospital Systems
• Prison & Juvenile Systems
• Life-Flight Medic Operations
• Military and Maritime Units
• Private companies for public events
• Casinos and Entertainment Facilities
• Sports Arenas
• Rescue services
• Emergency Rooms

Companies which recruit people for emergency services are very good at matching employees with the right kinds of employers suitable for them. Many of these companies have a track record of success stories where a number of people have been secured jobs that are just right for them. You can sign up for some of these recruitment centers online. Signing up for these online services is very easy and affordable. While some of these online services are free, others require a small amount to be paid as a fee. Be sure the recruitment center is an official business with a BBB rating and send no money unless their assistance is guaranteed. This is not referring to the guarantee of a job in itself; however, a reputable company can guarantee you contacts and assistance in your job search.

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