LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

EMT/Paramedic Training Information

Table of Contents:

1.  EMT Paramedic Training – Comprehensive Summary
2.  Applying for an EMT Paramedic Program
3.  EMT Training Info & Paramedic School Tips
4.  Paramedics and EMT Training Demonstration
5.  Paramedic Training via Technical Education
6.  Paramedic Training – Physical Agility Test
7.  How to Become a Paramedic
8.  Paramedic Training in South Africa
9.  Paramedic Training – Injuries & Children


EMT Paramedic Training – Comprehensive Summary

The path towards a paramedic career begins with EMT training, available in all 50 states, Canada and the UK. Each country has its specific method and levels of instruction, and the training is intense. Many other countries also have EMT training, and whether referring to it as EMS (emergency medical services) or referring to their […]

Applying for an EMT Paramedic Program

EMS certification requires an individual to have education beyond a high school diploma. In most cases, especially to advance to the highest level of an EMT, a degree at or beyond an Associate Degree is required. Though each state and country will vary in pre-requisites for applying to a program, most paramedic schools follow […]

EMT Training Info & Paramedic School Tips

Every good paramedic begins by being a good EMT Basic. Start off in the right direction when it comes to your EMS studies and you won’t have to worry about being prepared for paramedic school or courses, or passing the certification exams. First and foremost, be consistent and committed to your EMS education. If you struggle […]

Paramedics and EMT Training Demonstration

This short video explains the differences between Paramedic training (ALS) and EMT training (BLS). The difference of Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support procedures are also demonstrated. Paramedics refer to a specific level of skills, education and national certification. Here you will observe some of the EMT paramedic training skills it takes to become certified. […]

Paramedic Training via Technical Education

The choice of a career involves a lot of planning. It is the decision of a lifetime. It is essential for you to be passionate about your career. There are a number of career options to choose from and still many more within the paradigms of the existent ones. This includes EMT and paramedic training, […]

Paramedic Training – Physical Agility Test

Individuals enrolled in EMT and paramedic course programs must go through rigorous physical training. The requirements for the physical portion of paramedic training can be similar to military boot camp training. Paramedics have to be strong enough to handle any emergency scenario they encounter. This requires passing a Physical Agility Test as part of your instruction. A […]

How to Become a Paramedic

You’re wondering how to become a paramedic. This curiosity is the first step towards pursuing a rewarding career in the medical care industry. As a paramedic, you will have career options across the country. Your job will require being dispatched to emergency scenes by 911 operators, working with police and fire department personnel and you […]

Paramedic Training in South Africa

Currently South Africa has two paths of paramedic training which lead an individual to become a paramedic. A paramedic in South Africa performs much of the same role as one in many other countries, including the U.S. Though the definition of a paramedic in South Africa is more complex, the education and courses are the same; intense and […]

Paramedic Training – Injuries & Children

Inevitably, EMS personnel will be called upon to perform emergency medical services for an injured child. This requires a community-based approach to emergency care of the child. Community-based due to the fact First Responders providing emergency medical services to children must be capable of recognizing a child with altered mental status, shock and respiratory distress or failure. […]