LP Research Resources December 15, 2017

Career Spotlight – Public Safety and Security and EMS Training

Do you have a passion to help and aid others, rescue people in distress or take the initiative to protect the in times of crisis? Answering yes is most likely the reason you are on this website researching a path to obtaining a degree in public safety and/or EMS services.

Accidents, wars, public riots, natural disasters, and even terrorism have made it imperative to revise current public safety measures and be sure we have the trained personnel to administer them.  Furthermore, there is growing demand for these professionals in the field of Public safety and security. Many young aspirants are joining this noble profession in huge numbers and are undoubtedly the future heroes of the American nation. This includes those interested in EMS careers as often those in Public Safety have Emergency Medical training.

With the ever increasing problem of population explosion, sudden adverse situations such natural disasters are bound to endanger the lives of people especially in congested cosmopolitan cities. It’s high time that current disaster management systems are improvised to suit to the current needs of the society at large. The U.S. government has invested huge sum in creating new agencies at different levels which are committed to deliver using well trained quick task forces. Thus, there is an opportunity to enter a challenging field. If you wish to join these services, obtaining the proper EMS training, completing a public safety degree, and/or become certified through an accredited college or school could give you most satisfying career of your lifetime.


The following is a short list of some schools catering to courses in public safety and training.
See each State listed (on our main page) to find EMT and EMT and Paramedic schools from each state.

Walden University – offers Doctorate Program in Public Policy, Public Administration.
Capella University – provides Masters Degree in Public Safety Leadership and Emergency Management.
University of Maryland – provides online Bachelors Degree in the course of Emergency Management.
Bellevue University – provides both Bachelors and Masters Degree in Security Management.