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Dr. Prem Reddy School of HS Paramedic Academy


Victor Valley College is located at 18422 Bear Valley Road in Victorville California. The campus is across from the Spring Lake Country Club in close proximity to Spring Valley Lake. The campus can be reached from I-15 or from highway 247 to highway 18. Funding for the construction of an Eastside Public Safety Training Center provided a training center, with a completion date scheduled for December 2011. The center will serve as a regional training facility for future firefighters, paramedics, police and correctional officers.

Program Information

Applications for the Paramedic Academy program must include the following documents:

• EMS experience: 6 months full time/1000 hours part time
• College Assessment scores
• EMT certification card
• High School Diploma
• Physical examination
• Criminal background check
• TB test documentation/chest x-ray if necessary
• Immunization records: Rubella, Hepatitis B and Varicella
• Letters of recommendation (2)

Any prerequisites requiring fees must be paid for by the school candidate.

Application Information

Applications for the program can be downloaded online at the Dr. Prem Reddy School of HS Academy home page, or picked up at the Allied Health Building.

Once completion of the application process has taken place, prospective students will be notified of eligibility for admission and scheduled for the Entrance Assessment. This process usually takes approximately 1-2 weeks after application due date. Prospective students must achieve at least an 80% to pass. Upon passing the EMT examination, applicants will then need to pass an oral and practical interview in order to be admitted into the paramedic school program. The oral and practical interviews for the paramedic education program are approximately 4 weeks after application due date.

Following these application procedures, admission is approved based on a collective scoring system. A point system will be utilized for objective screening of all EMT paramedic applicants. Admission letters are usually mailed approximately one week after completion of the Oral/Practical interviews.

Potential students must successfully pass both the EMT Entrance Assessment and the Oral/Practical Interview for admission to the Academy.

Program Schedule

The paramedic education program at the Dr. Prem Reddy School at Victor Valley College takes approximately 1 year to complete. The program consists of the following semester courses:
• First semester is composed of Paramedic Anatomy/Physiology/Medical Terminology (ALDH 50). This is a six week course that meets Tuesdays/Thursdays. Introduction to EMS (ALDH 51) takes place on Thursdays.
• Second Semester is composed of Paramedic Cardiology (ALDH 52), Paramedic Pharmacology(ALDH 53), Adv.Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) (ALDH 54), and Paramedic Theory (ALDH 55). This is a total of a sixteen week session, meeting Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
• Third semester is composed of Paramedic Hospital Clinicals (ALDH 56). This is a 6 week session with variable hours.
• Fourth semester is composed of Paramedic Field Internship (ALDH 57). This is a sixteen week session with variable scheduled hours.

Total course units provided for the paramedic training program are 37.5. The current (and approximate) average cost of the program is $1,500.00-1,700.00.

Once the Academy program is completed, you will be qualified to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Examination (NREMT).

Contact Information

Victor Valley College
Dr. Prem Reddy School of Health Sciences
Paramedic Academy
18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA 92395

The EMS Director is Scott C. Jones. He can be reached by email at joness@wc.edu or by phone at (760)245-4271 for any questions regarding the program.