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Life Ambulance EMS Academy Paramedic School

LIFE Ambulance EMS Academy has been offering classes for EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate and EMT Paramedic training programs since 1999.

Life Ambulance EMS Academy is located in El Paso, Texas at 5720 Trowbridge Rd. The campus is located just off highway 10 at exit 24 B. The school continues to offer courses for EMT-basic, EMT-intermediate, and EMT-paramedic. Applications can be found on-line.

Program Information

The Emergency Medical Technician program for EMT Basic costs $825. This includes class tuition, books, insurance, name tag, and CPR certification. The EMT Basic course will consist of at least 322 clock hours of didactic learning, 48 hours of ambulance runs (including a minimum of 5 emergency ambulance runs), and 24 hours of clinical rotation in an emergency department.  The course takes approximately six months to complete.

The Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate course costs $895. This includes class tuition, books, insurance, name tag, etc.  Additional fees may apply to agencies outside of Life Ambulance EMS Academy. The EMT – Intermediate course will consist of at least 262 hours of didactic learning, at least 72 hours of ambulance rotation (including ten emergency ALS runs), and 72 hours of clinical rotation at hospital departments.  The course takes approximately four to five months to complete.

The EMT Paramedic program has a cost of the program is $1495. The program offered through the academy will involve classroom lectures of approximately 624 clock hours, 120 hours of clinical rotations, and 240 hours including ambulance rotations and 20 emergency MICU runs. The paramedic training program typically has a start day in June and another in October.

All program fees include tuition, books, and insurance. The following costs are not included in the tuition fees: drug screening, fingerprinting, uniforms, hepatitis B series and all other required vaccinations as needed, field guide, testing fees, and the state application fee.

Financing is available for all EMS training classes. There are payment plans available for students that wish to use them. However, all classes and fees must be paid before a certificate is issued.  Tuition reimbursement is available with a one year contract with LIFE ambulance. LIFE Ambulance has been serving El Paso County since 1985.

Program Prerequisites

Background checks, immunizations and drug screening must all be passed in order to be accepted into the EMT and paramedic training programs.

Potential students must successfully complete a department approved course, which includes a passing score on practical and written certification examinations.
Other requirements include (to name a few):
Students must be at least 18 years old; possess a high school education or equivalent; demonstrate an ability to communicate verbally via phone and radio equipment; ability to lift, carry, balance up to 125 lbs. (250 with assistance); demonstrate agility and dexterity skills; ability to interpret written, oral, and diagnostic form instructions; ability to use good judgment and remain calm in high stress situations; ability to work in an environment with loud noises and flashing lights; ability to function efficiently throughout an entire work shift; ability to calculate weight and understand English language manuals and road maps; accurately discern street signs and address numbers; ability to interview patients, family members, and bystanders; ability to document, in writing, all relevant information in prescribed format in light of legal ramification of such; and an ability to converse in English with coworkers and hospital staff regarding patients.

Students must be certified as an EMT-Basic before enrollment in the paramedic training program will be granted. Experience working as an EMT is recommended as well, but is not required. Additionally, it is recommended that a prospective student complete an advanced trauma course and ACLS.
The paramedic training student must also pass in the following competency areas:
Demonstrate competency handling emergencies and utilizing all Basic and Advanced Life support equipment. Must demonstrate competency of skills in accordance with objectives in the DOT/EMT Basic, EMT-I, and/or EMT-P curriculum, which is to include endotracheal intubation.

Contact Information

For more information about the EMS programs offered through the Life Ambulance EMS academy contact Eddie Walker.
He can be reached at 915-779-2111, ext. 126.