LP Research Resources February 24, 2018

St. Petersburg College Paramedic Training School

St. Petersburg College is located in Pinellas Park, Florida at 7200 66th Street North. 66th Street North is also 693 and the college sits at the intersection of 693 and 694. La Teresita Restaurant and Dominoes pizza are located on the same block as the college building.

Program Schedule

The paramedic classes offered through St. Petersburg College begin in January and May. The program consists of four sessions. Classes meet during the day in a blended format, with theory classes being held in the classroom and special classes meeting at the Health Education Center. If there are enough students enrolled theory classes will meet two days a week to accommodate different shift schedules. Labs are broken down into three or four two hour classes a week. Each lab will be offered twice a week.

The first portion of the course includes anatomy and physiology (unless it has already been completed) and medical terminology and an introduction into paramedic practice.

The second session will include pharmacology, theory 1, lab 1, and clinical 1. When clinicals begin, they are self scheduled.

The third session includes theory II, clinical II, and clinical II. The fourth and final session is a field internship.

Program Prerequisites

Before applying to the program students must complete these pre-application requirements:

  • Completion of college admission application and payment of non refundable fee
  • Complete new student orientation
  • Submission of all high school and college transcripts
  • Complete college prep work and take all placement examinations. Students that have college credits in math, reading, and writing may be waived of placement examinations
  • Submit Health Programs Application
  • Schedule appointment with EMS program director no later than 30 days prior to first class.
  • Complete basic computer and information literacy competency.

The pre-enrollment requirements for the program are:

  • EMT certification in the state of Florida
  • Background check
  • Drug screening
  • Complete health records and immunization records
  • Attend student services orientation and EMS orientation

Contact Information

For more information about the program you may contact Nerina Stepanovsky, Program Director by phone at 727-341-3680 or by email at stepanovskyn@spcollege.edu.

For information about admissions and records you may call the office at 727-341-3750/3757.