LP Research Resources January 21, 2018

Online EMT & Paramedic Programs

Emergency medical technicians continue to be in high demand throughout the country. When you want to join this fast-paced and rewarding career, you may wonder what kind of training you will need and from where you can obtain this instruction. Fortunately, becoming an EMT can now be done easily by attending both online and on-site training. As you prepare to join this career, you can ensure your success by understanding what kind of courses and pre-requisites you must obtain first.

Pre-Requisites to Becoming an EMT

To become an EMT, you must first meet certain criteria. You must be at least 18 years of age and have either a high school diploma or a GED. Likewise, you also may be required to:
• Be current on all immunizations, including a complete Hepatitis C vaccination series
• Pass a physical examination
• Have an active medical insurance policy
• Complete college level math and English courses

If you have yet to take college level math and English courses, you can fit this requirement easily into your schedule by taking these classes online.

Online EMT College Courses

Online college education has become popular with a wide range of people today. If you work a full-time job or have a busy schedule, or you just prefer the convenience of online learning, you can prepare for a career as an EMT by taking these required courses through a virtual college:
• English
• Math
• Sciences
• Other classes required by your state or city for EMT training.

You can enroll in and complete these classes in a matter of weeks, depending on the school that you attend. Once you have proof of your successful completion, you can then move onto the final phase of EMT training before you begin your career.

On-Site EMT Training

After you complete your math, English, and other courses, you can then move onto your on-site training. On-site training helps you obtain vital skills necessary for this profession. For example, you will learn CPR, stabilization, and many other life-saving skills and technique. Most people go through approximately 200 or more hours of on-site Emergency Medical Services training.

If you want to join a career field that is in demand and offers job security, and one that will provide you with the chance to help people everyday, don’t’ hesitate. Training is easy to obtain and EMS online training can be found by enrolling in schools like:
• Adelphi University
• Central Washington University
• Fayetteville State University
• Louisiana State University Eunice

This is just a few, there are numerous other online schools. Your online training, plus your on-site learning, will help you become a successful EMT.