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EMT Paramedic Training in Nevada

State Certification and licensing of EMS personnel in Nevada are governed by the Nevada State Health Division, EMS (Emergency Medical Systems) Office. This state bureau must approve all the applicants, as well as their certifications before the individual can be employed in the state as an EMT.

The state of Nevada and the Nevada EMS Office also requires the individual who has completed EMT training to pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam and recognizes the exam certification if taken in other states. Passing of a state approved exam/course is also required before state licensing is issued.

EMS levels and Certification:

Nevada has these levels of EMT training certification: EMR- First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced, and Paramedic.

To become a certified EMS in the state of Nevada an individual:

  • must be at least 18 years of age
  • must enroll in EMT-basic training and pass certification
  • must pass a criminal background check
  • must possess current CPR certification
  • must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • must pass a drug screening

Information and requirements:

Training programs in Nevada must meet minimum standards for coursework and clinical experience to be accredited. These programs vary in length and credit hours due to the variables in each program. In addition to the program course hours, clinical experience is required for each Nevada EMT training program and paramedic training level.

EMT courses must be approved by the EMS State Bureau. Requests of a “For Approval of EMS Course” can be found online at the Nevada State Health Division, EMS (Emergency Medical Systems).

The state of Nevada does require recertification. This can be done through utilizing continuing Education (CE) hours. One hour of instruction equals one education unit. Following are the minimum number of hours for Continuing Education certification required by the Nevada Health Division:

First Responder – 20 hours
EMT Basic and Intermediate – 30 hours
EMT Advanced – 40 hours

According to the Nevada Health Division, “Licensed emergency medical technicians, at all levels, must submit evidence of having completed one skills verification, signed by the service medical director or a qualified instructor approved by the Health Division during the 12-month period prior to the expiration date of the certification. They may also submit a skills verification from the prior year.”
The state bureau will award credit towards CEU’s to be applied to category 6 (skills verification) in the following amounts:

EMT/Basic- 1 hour for each year for a maximum of 2 hours
EMT- Intermediate 2 hours for each year for a maximum of 4 hours
EMT- Advanced 3 hours for each year for a maximum of 6 hours

Reciprocity and Employment:

Reciprocity for the state of Nevada requires an applicant to apply through the Nevada State Health Division of Emergency Medical Services Office in order to transfer EMT certification from another state.  This office has reciprocal agreements with all 50 states. Any EMT training or certification can be recognized, but candidates must pass the National Registry Exam (NREMT) and provide a copy of their current NREMT card with the reciprocity application. If your EMT training state requirements meet Nevada state requirements your certification may be transferred to Nevada if you meet the following:

  1. You are a Nevada resident, plan to be a resident within 6 months of applying for certification, or you are a resident of a state contiguous to Nevada and are employed by or an active volunteer with an EMS service or agency in NV.
  2. Have a current driver’s license
  3. Have current EMT certification or proof of  course/cores completion
  4. Possess current CPR certification

A reciprocity form can be found online at the Nevada State Health Division’s Office of Emergency Medical Services website – contact information below – or you can request one by contacting the office. If you are contacting your EMT certification reciprocity to Clark County areas in NV, you will need to work through the Southern Nevada Health District. Current fees can be found on the reciprocity application from and range from $10 to$60.00.

Most Nevada EMT training programs are through local community colleges and technical schools. College of Southern Nevada and Truckee Meadows Community College are just two of Nevada’s paramedic schools offering certification courses.

The state of Nevada has an EMS ListServ that an individual can sign up for, to receive emails and updated notifications regarding EMS information.

There are additional requirements for pursuing EMT and paramedic training in each region. Read the articles EMT Training and EMT Paramedic Training for details and a list of these requirements.

According to the United States Department of Labor:
Employment of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics is expected to grow by 19 percent between 2006 and 2016, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Contact Information

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Nevada EMS Office or the EMS Program Coordinator.

Nevada EMS Office
4150 Technology Way, Suite 200
Carson City, Nevada 89706
(775) 687-7590

EMS Program Manager
Steven Tafoya 4150 Technology Way,
Suite 101 Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: (775) 687-7590    Email: stafoya@health.nv.gov

Southern Nevada Health District
625 Shadow Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89106
(702) 759-1050