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Delaware State Fire School EMS Training

The state of Delaware requires the individual who has completed EMT training to pass a state approved practical and written exam. Delaware uses the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) as the state approved exam). The EMT training courses at the Delaware Fire School prepare you to successfully pass the exam and be certified as an EMT in the state of Delaware. The state of Delaware accepts and recognizes the Delaware State Fire School for state certification as an EMT/EMS provider.

Delaware EMT students at the Fire School are required to maintain a 70% grade point average or higher, to qualify for taking the Final exam. Class size is limited; enroll early. The minimum size is 10 students; maximum is 25. The Accelerated EMT course has a maximum of 20 students for the full class. Registration forms are accepted until the class limit is met or a deadline date is reached. Applicants must submit a fully completed registration form and then will be notified by email of acceptance into the class.

Delaware Continuing Education – Refresher Courses 

The Delaware State Fire School has a 24 hours refresher course that allows certified EMTs to renew their certification through approval of the state of Delaware. This refresher and skills efficiency course helps the EMT to maintain state and national certification. To enter the course, an individual must hold a current EMT certification or have completed a DOT EMT curriculum.

Reciprocity & Certifications from Other States

The state of Delaware does accept EMS reciprocity, (not all states do) and the Fire School provides help with this path. However, you may be required to take additional training. The process for reciprocity process takes approximately 8-10 weeks to complete. Applicants must:

1. Have a current National Registry, current State EMT, and current Healthcare Provider Certifications.
2. Be affiliated with an ambulance, fire, or rescue squad in the State of Delaware.
3. Complete the a reciprocity application along with pre-registration form for the class and submit with a copy of your current National Registry, State EMT, and Healthcare Provider Certifications to the Delaware State Fire School.
4. Complete the Verification of EMT Certification and have your current state complete their portion. Verification of certification must be mailed directly from the current certifying state.
5. Complete a state and federal background check administered by the DE State
Bureau of Identification, and send the results to the Delaware State Fire School, “Attention Director”.  Enclose a copy of the SBI Receipt with your application. Background checks must be completed within 30 days of receipt of application.
6. After review and verification of the application and background check, the Delaware State Fire School will notify an applicant that they have been registered for the Reciprocity Class.
7. After successful completion of the Reciprocity Class, (consisting of Delaware Protocols, Protocols Quiz, Practical Skills evaluation, and a final exam), the State of DE EMT Certification may be issued.
8. If you do not have a Delaware Driver’s License, submit a color photograph and signature via hard copy, CD as jpg file, or email.

Applicants must submit a copy of all current State EMT, National Registry and Healthcare Provider Certifications, completed Pre-Registration form for the Reciprocity Class, and payment (2014) of the $50.00 administrative processing fee with the appropriate form.

Certification and re-certification forms can be found online through the DE EMS State Fire School website.

There are additional requirements for pursuing training in each region, and details of these are fairly common state to state. Read the articles found in EMT Training Top Tips and Paramedic Training Best Tips for details and a list of these requirements.

Delaware State Fire School

EMS Division
1461 Chestnut Grove Road
Dover, Delaware 19904
Phone: (302) 739-4773