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Arizona Western College Public Safety Institute

The Arizona Western College training program offers students the necessary courses for certification and continuing on to highest level of paramedic. AWC is fully accredited, providing a certified training institution by the state of Arizona and serving Yuma and LaPaz counties since 1985. The paramedic training certification program includes both didactic and clinical skill experiences. The  program also provides high excellence for education in the ability and science of pre-hospital advanced life support EMS care.

Application Prerequisites

• must have a valid driver’s license
• must be 18 years of age
• must pass a background check
• must have current immunization records
• must pass drug screening –  and stay drug free
• may not have received a dishonorable military discharge
• must have successfully completed ENG 101 or take the college placement exam and score into ENG 101
• must hold a current CPR card
• must be EMT certified prior to entering paramedic program
• must not have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony

Program Information

Arizona Western Paramedic Academy offers Emergency Medical classes from CPR and First Aid to paramedic training. The program offers courses sanctioned by various agencies, including the Arizona Department of Health Services, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, the American Heart Association, and the National Safety Council.

Students must retain 80% or higher in each EMT training course in order to test for state and national certification. Once the paramedic program is completed, you will be qualified to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Examination (NREMT).

The EMT training program requires candidates to have a post High School reading level. Acceptance order will be based on the placement test. In addition, the reading placement must be 70 or higher or be eligible for ENG 101. The EMT – Basic program consists of 12 college credit hours. There is an additional $350 lab fee plus tuition costs.

The paramedic program is 45 credits. The 45 credits consist of 15 credits for 3 semesters. These credit hours will include: anatomy and physiology, principles of microbiology, theory of patient assessment, management and operations assessment, theory of paramedic essentials to include airway management and ventilation, medical, OB/GYN, neonatal, behavior and trauma emergencies, and emergency medical services operations.

Once completed, the student passing the courses and successfully sitting for the NREMT exam will be awarded a Paramedic Certification and will be licensed to work in the state of Arizona.

The semesters are approximately $700 each, which does not include extra fees such as lab, uniforms, books, enrollment fees (such as background check), etc.

Application information

Individuals interested in Arizona Western College Paramedic Academy must begin their acceptance into the program through the application packet process. The application packet must be thoroughly completed or it will not be accepted. AWC states, “This includes the Statement of Personal History and Application for Open Enrollment, criminal history form and the Medical History Questionnaire. Prospective applicants must personally deliver the completed packet to the Public Safety Institute Secretary (HS 107). The applicant is financially responsible for all immunizations, drug screening, and any other requirements that may arise.”

The school also offers scholarships, grants and financial aid, working with students to help meet the student’s financial needs.

Arizona Western College offers distance education for many of its courses and a potential  student may be able to complete classroom core and/or prerequisite classes through online learning courses.

Contact Information

For more information you may contact Arizona Western College at
2020 S. Ave. 8 East P.O. Box 929 Yuma, Arizona 85366-0929.
Phone: (928) 317-6452.