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University of Arkansas at Monticello Paramedic Program

The University of Arkansas at Monticello EMT paramedic training program offers students the necessary courses for certification at the highest level of paramedic. Students are trained in a variety of technical skills, as well as practical theory. UAM offers EMT training for 3 levels of certification:

Emergency Medical Technology Basic Technical Certificate
Emergency Medical Technology Paramedic Technical Certificate
Associate of Applied Science in General Technology

The University of Arkansas at Monticello is located three miles south of the city of Monticello. The campus is on beautiful wooded acreage adjacent to United States Highway 425. The EMS training school is through the UAM College of Technology in McGehee AR.  The College of Technology Campus is located about 30 minutes east of the UAM.   

Admissions and Requirements

To apply for Admissions to the University of Arkansas at Monticello a potential student must first complete an application for admission. This form can be obtained from the University or it can obtained online. Once the application form is complete, a student interested in emergency services training must:

• Complete and provide high school transcript
• Provide all transcripts from all colleges attended
• Provide Test Scores (ACT, SAT, or ASSET)
• Have current Immunization records
• Pass a physical exam (with form completed)
• Provide Selective Service Status
• Have a current CPR certification card
• Pass drug screening and background check
• P.P.D. Skin Test or Chest X-Ray (paramedic level)

Program Information

The University of Arkansas at Monticello EMT training program follows the national standard EMS curriculum set forth by the Department of Transportation. Students are trained in theory, an assortment of technical skills, and clinical fieldwork.

The EMT training Prerequisite Courses for Basic Technical Certificate consists of 4 courses: Basic EMT, Paramedic Human A & P, Technical Communication or higher-level composition course, and Technical Mathematics or higher-level mathematics course, for a total of 17 credit hours.

The training for the Emergency Medical Technology Paramedic Technical Certificate is four semesters:
The first semester has two courses, Paramedic I and Paramedic Clinical I, consisting of a total 11 credit hours. Second semester is Paramedic II, Paramedic Clinical II, total 11 credit hours; Third semester is Paramedic III and Paramedic Field Internship I, total 11 credit hours; Fourth semester is Paramedic IV and Paramedic Field Internship II, total semester credit 11 hours. The total combined hours for a Paramedic Technical Certificate is 44 hours.

Students completing the EMT training and paramedic programs at the University of Arkansas at Monticello will be able to:

1. Provide affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills for the appropriate practice of emergency medical care.
2. Respond rapidly and appropriately provide emergency care at both clinical and emergency sites.
3. Provide integration of theory, clinical and field content in manners that are appropriate, ethical and legal.
4. Possess the competence to pass the National Registry Exam (NREMT).

Contact Information

For more information: visit UAM College of Technology McGehee’s Office of Student Services
or you may call 870-222-5360.

Potential students can apply online or contact the school admissions office/student services:

Address for the UAM Office of Admissions: Box 3600 Monticello, AR 71656

Financial aid is available and campus tours are scheduled throughout the week.