LP Research Resources February 24, 2018

Reading Hospital and Medical Center Paramedic Program

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center is located on Spruce Street and South 6th Avenue, which lies between South 7th and South 5th. Streets in the downtown area of West Reading Pennsylvania. The hospital is located near Museum Park and is very easy to get to.

Program Schedule

The paramedic training program that is offered through the Reading Hospital and Medical Center is an 11 month course that meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights. There are Saturday sessions scheduled each month as well. Clinical rotations are scheduled around a student’s other obligations whenever possible.

The curriculum of the program consists of a prehospital environment session that covers EMS systems, roles, responsibilities, medical/legal aspects, rescue, communication, major incident response, and stress management. The preparatory session consists of medical terminology, general patient assessment, initial management, general pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, airway and ventilation, and pathophysiology of shock. The trauma and medical emergencies session covers all types of traumas, burns, and emergencies dealing with the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Program Prerequisites

Enrollment in the paramedic program is limited to individuals that have at least one year of experience working in the emergency medical environment. Applicants that qualify for the program are admitted on a rolling basis. Each applicant will have to take an EMT examination and a math pre-test. Prospective students must also go through an interview process.

Contact Information

For more information about the program you may contact Phil Strough, the program director, by email at stroughp@readinghospital.org or by phone at 610-741-0207.