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International EMT Paramedic Training

The issue of precisely where and how to obtain EMT or paramedic training certification is certainly one that is not easily answered. However, you will find many factors that will help you determine which is the best path for you. Nonetheless, one can find EMT and paramedic training in a majority of countries and regions around the world.

Location, of course, is the first deciding factor when responding to that question. Naturally those students who live near countries or regions that provide paramedic schools or EMS training facilities have easier access. There are also many paramedic schools or programs offering out of area/state waivers for students living nearby, just across borders or in regions of close proximity.

There are numerous EMT schools and training programs across the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, South Africa and many, many other countries. Each EMT school has application requirements, just as any school would. Paramedic programs often require pre training experience or education. Regardless of the school or program, each program will necessitate transcripts of your previous education.

If you live outside the U.S.

Seeking EMT training outside the U.S. requires foreign transcripts to be evaluated, to determine if your education is the equivalent of an American high school diploma. Students who have attended college outside the United States must have transcripts evaluated by a NACES (National Association of Credentials Evaluation Services) approved independent agency, demonstrating AA/AS degree or higher.  Such cases are often evaluated on an individual basis. In addition, in most cases, if the student is not an EMT in the United States, prior EMT paramedic training and experience will be evaluated. This is often the case if seeking EMS or paramedic training from countries such as Canada or the UK. These countries will also require an evaluation of your education credentials in order to see if they qualify for entrance into the school of that particular country.

Another Option – OnLine Courses

When considering online EMT training, first call the school or college you are considering enrolling in and ask for the International Student Affairs Department (most colleges and universities have one) and request an appointment to have your foreign transcripts evaluated. This appointment can take place via the internet or by phone conference call. You should also look into the World Education Services organization. Call or check it out online for help with foreign academic credentials, institutions and trends.

If location is an issue for you and physical attendance to EMS training courses are not an option, consider online EMT training. There are a vast number of schools and institutions offering EMT and EMT paramedic training through online (internet) courses.  These online EMT and EMS courses can be found through many world-wide organizations. The drawback is that in most cases, once you have completed the didactic portion of the program students are required to travel, at their own expense, to attend the practical skills training. Where the “field work” or hands-on clinicals can or must be taken is determined by each individual online program.

Helpful Resources

There is an organization called AIEP (International Association of EMTs and Paramedics, which seeks to increase communication between stand-alone municipal and private EMS groups and is committed to enhancing the field of EMS and EMT workers globally.

With agencies like these working hard to promote global recognition of EMTs and EMS workers and paramedics, and with online education becoming more widely accepted, EMT training will become easier to obtain regardless of where you live.

Take time to research the program you are looking into. Ask questions and be sure to utilize the Foreign Affairs (or similar) program most schools provide. EMT paramedic training and certification or licensing is not impossible; you just need to do some investigating.

EMT Training – is it Internationally Recognized?

The question often arises, is there international reciprocity recognition of EMT training or EMT paramedic training around the world? Unfortunately, due to the fact that just the terms “EMT” and “paramedic” alone varies so greatly outside of the US, Canada, and the UK, EMT and EMT paramedic training certification and licensing will not be easily transferred or recognized country to country.  Though it does take place and you can explore the necessary steps if you desire to work in another country.   Read more of this article…