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Cuesta College California Paramedic Program

The Cuesta College EMT paramedic training program offers students the necessary courses for certification at the highest level of EMT paramedic.

Cuesta College is a community college located near the city of San Luis Obispo in California. The campus is located in between the Dairy Creek Golf course and the O’Sullivan Army heliport. The Paramedic program is offered at the San Luis Obispo campus and the North Country campus. The program offered through Cuesta College is collaboration between the school and Allan Hancock College.


Program Information

Acceptance in to the EMT-Basic course requires a student to be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma. A current CPR certification is required at the beginning of class, or entrance to the class will not be allowed.

The clinical portion of all EMS instruction and education requires students to pay for and pass a background check and drug screening.

Program Schedule

Classes include the basic skills and principals required to provide emergency medical care to patients, transportation to a medical facility, as well as theory and practical applications. The training for EMT course is 18 weeks in length.

The EMT paramedic program at Cuesta College lasts for three semesters. The first semester is the didactic training, which is done in the classroom and labs. The second semester is the clinical portion of the paramedic program and rotations are scheduled in the evenings and on the weekends. Students may do their clinical rotation in a number of different facilities in both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The internship phase is completed in the last semester of the program. Students will contract with EMS providers within and outside of the county.

Cuesta College offers EMT-Basic, EMT Refresher course and advanced Paramedic and a Hazardous Materials First Responder course.

The paramedic education program begins in August. The application period for the course is from January through March 1st. Notification letters will be sent out the first week of April.

Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into the paramedic school program a student must complete Biology 212, English 156, and Math 123 with a grade of a C or better. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED. In addition, current EMT certification and CPR certification at the health care provider level is required. Work experience can either be 6 months of full time employment as an EMT, 1000 hours of part time or volunteer emergency medical service, or proof of completion of an EMS academy through a community college. The work experience must be within the past two years to meet the requirements for entrance into the paramedic program.

In addition, the clinical portion of the program requires students to pay for and pass a background check and drug screening.

Contact Information

For any information or questions, call the Nursing/Allied Health office at San Luis Obispo 805-546-3119 or North County Campus 805-591-6200 ext. 4426.