LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

Becoming a Paramedic: Background & Credit Checks

Becoming an EMT Paramedic is a difficult and long process but once you get the job the rewards are great, both financially and in other areas because most people would have a sense of pride wearing a uniform and latterly saving lives. Before you can even think of applying for a job however you must have the relevant qualifications. There are a number of ways to go about this; you might already be working for the local hospital or fire service or you may go about getting the qualification on your own.

One of the main worries that young recruits have about joining up as a EMT Technician is whether or not they will pass the criminal background check. Depending on where you received your training and certification you may have already had a check ran on you. If however you required no such criminal check to complete your training you will be required to submit your fingerprint and have a criminal background check ran – all of this is with the strictest confidence.

If you do have a criminal record that doesn’t automatically mean you can’t get the job it all depends what the offense is. For something minor that won’t affect the quality of work that you do the chances are that it won’t matter but this is something that is looked at in each individual case and the circumstances are slightly different for each person. Something that has to be remembered when looking for a career as an EMT Paramedic is that driving offenses may affect your application. Not all EMT Paramedics have to complete driver training, it all depends on the State in which you are learning and what their specific guidelines say.

Application Process

At the application stage it is highly recommended that each applicant details any previous criminal record that they hold so that the hospital or fire department are already aware of any situations and can act accordingly. Failing to declare any conviction could well be seen as trying to hide the truth. There are no exceptions when it comes to background checks, including acceptance into an EMT training program. Once in the job you could well be responsible for the life of another human being and the department you are working for need to be completely positive that you can deliver what it takes.

Credit Checks

Another check that hopeful candidates worry about is credit checks. Unfortunately this is something that many agencies review as a standard screening process. The hospital, fire department, and many other agencies do factor your credit history into account and in most cases applicants must consent to a credit check in order to even have their application reviewed. For this reason it is wise to review your own credit report before submitting to ensure everything is in good standings.

Both the training and the actual exam can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t pass first time. The college or  institution needs to be sure that they will get the money that you owe them as most people choose to pay off the program weekly or monthly rather than in one go. Once you have your certification there is no need to worry about further credit checks because you won’t be expected to pay for further training.