LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

Become a Paramedic and Join the Elite

As a paramedic you will work among the elite in the medical field, responding to emergencies and saving lives. This job requires a certain skill set and serious training in emergency medical care that is given en-route to a hospital or medical facility. It can include giving medications, doing electrocardiograms and using a variety of complex technology to treat a patient.

Paramedics often start out in EMT training handling injured people at accident scenes. They handle such medical issues as trauma injuries, heart emergencies and respiration issues. Emergency Medical personnel go from the title of EMT-Basic to EMT-Intermediate as they gain skill and experience in the field. This knowledge helps to prepare for the advanced paramedic training that they must take. This study and experience molds the EMT into a true professional who can save a life during an emergency.

Paramedic Training

An EMS professional is a respected member of the medical community. The training for the next level takes you into coursework such as anatomy and physiology. These programs are usually two year, associate degrees and then require taking the NREMT test in order to be certified. You will continue to enhance your skills throughout your career, keeping you up to date on the latest medical techniques.

This extensive training is what sets an EMT Paramedic apart from others that handle medical emergencies.  The training for paramedic not only gives one the ability to provide top notch medical care, but often must do it under high stress, extreme conditions, and emergency situations. These are individuals who can work under pressure, can think quickly and know how to assess a situation accurately. They also must be very dedicated to their work, working all hours of the day and night. The position is for those who can pay close attention to detail, handle administering medical treatment, and keep calm during trauma in order to provide quality care.

This is a vocation that is also in always in high demand. Qualified and talented paramedics who have completed EMT training and advanced coursework are sought after. If you want a job that is challenging, offers purpose and the ability to change a life, then you are meant to join the elite.