LP Research Resources January 22, 2018

Savannah Technical College Paramedic Degree

Savannah Technical College offers an EMT paramedic training program providing students with state certification upon completion. The college is located at 5717 White Bluff Rd in Savannah, Georgia.  White Bluff Road can be easily reached by taking Interstate 516 into the city of Savannah.

Program Information

Savannah Technical College offers both the EMT Paramedic Diploma level and Associate Degree level Paramedic. The program offered through Savannah Technical College consists of both general education courses and occupational courses. The general core classes that are required include English composition and rhetoric, any Area II course, any Area III course, any Area IV course, and one additional 3 credit hour course. The EMT training occupational courses consist of anatomy and physiology lectures and labs, foundations of paramedicine, applications of pathophysiology, and therapeutic modalities in Cardiovascular Care, Medical Care, Trauma Care, and Special Patient Populations.

Program Prerequisites

In order to qualify for the paramedic  education that is offered by Savannah Technical College students must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and have a high school diploma or GED. Students must first achieve regular admission status through the college before they are accepted into the paramedic program.

In addition, students that wish to be part of the paramedic training program must be a certified EMT basic or EMT intermediate or show proof of completion of an approved EMT training course. Health care provider CPR certification is also required. Students may be required to submit a criminal background check and drug screening before beginning their clinical rotations. Current immunization records are also necessary.

Contact Information

For more information you may contact one of the following program advisors: Walter Webel by email at wwebel@savannahtech.edu or by phone at 912-443-5818 or Lahoma Patton by email at lpatton@savannahtech.edu or by phone at 912-443-5342.