LP Research Resources February 24, 2018

Jefferson Community College Paramedic Program

Jefferson Community College is located at 1220 Coffeen St. in Watertown, New York. The college is easy to get to off of interstate 81. The Watertown Urgent Care is located across the street from the campus. Bicentennial Park and the river are nearby as well.

Program Schedule

The Jefferson Community College paramedic program consists of lectures, practical labs and practical clinical experiences. Students entering the paramedic education program should expect to spend several hours per week on classroom work, studying, and performing clinical rotations. The end of the program students will participate in a field internship. The program takes two academic years to complete and all classes begin in the fall.

Program Prerequisites

Students that wish to enter the EMT paramedic courses offered by the college will need to meet all of the admission standards of the college. In addition, students must be currently certified as an EMT-basic and have a valid CPR card. Other requirements include a high school diploma or GED, and meet minimum competencies in math and reading.

Courses in medical terminology, biology, anatomy, and physiology are not required, but considered beneficial.

Students may have to submit to a background check in accordance to the hospital where the rotations take place. Other requirements may include physical examinations, immunization records, and proof of health insurance.

Contact Information

For more information about the paramedic program offered through Jefferson Community College you may contact the Paramedic Program Coordinator, Jeannine T. Gomiela at 315-786-2244 or by email at jgomiela@sunyjefferson.edu.

For more information about the admissions and application process you may contact the admissions office at 315-786-2277 or by email at admissions@sunyjefferson.edu. The toll free number to the school is 1-888-435-6522 and ask for the admissions office.