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Goodwin College – Paramedic Program

Goodwin College is a nonprofit institution, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Founded in 1999, Goodwin College has career-focused degree programs that contribute to strong employment results for their students.

Operating under an open-access model, Goodwin College strives to allow admittance to all students who have academic potential, regardless of past educational performances. The College then supports these students through counseling and tutoring, setting a high goal of helping students to succeed. As a result, Goodwin College is one of the most diverse colleges in the state of Connecticut.

In 2010, Goodwin College extended its educational vision to the secondary level and constructed the Connecticut River Academy magnet high school. In 2013, another magnet high school and an early learning magnet school were being built at the campus.

Admission Requirements for EMS Courses

1.  Complete an admission application for Goodwin College. Applicants to the Paramedic Studies program must meet the requirements for admission and be accepted into Goodwin College prior to beginning course studies.

2. Complete the Paramedic Studies Program Application. Application requires:
a. A copy of high school transcript. Upon acceptance, students must submit an official transcript for their record.

    b. A copy of college transcript(s). Upon acceptance, students must submit an official transcript for their record within first 16 weeks.

    c. Proof of current EMT-B or EMT-I Certification (State of Connecticut or National Registry of EMT [NREMT]). This license must be maintained throughout the paramedic training program.

    d. Proof of current certification in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by the American Heart Association or CPR for the Healthcare Provider by the American Red Cross. Applicants will be considered without CPR documentation; however a student must complete CPR certification prior to beginning course studies.

3. Complete the required College Placement Evaluations. Applicants must qualify for ENG 099 and MATH 099.

Note that the Paramedic Studies program has a limited number of student places available.

Physical forms, applications, and admittance forms can be accessed online.

To successfully graduate from this program, students must pass all courses with a “C” grade or better. In addition, students must complete all of the general graduation requirements as listed in the school’s catalog.

Paramedic Curriculum and Courses

First Semester

EMT-P 101 Paramedic I 4
EMT-P 110 Paramedic Clinical I 2
BIO 108 Human Anatomy and Physiology I for Paramedics 3

Second Semester

EMT-P 102 Paramedic II 4
EMT-P 120 Paramedic Clinical II 2
BIO 109 Human Anatomy and Physiology II for Paramedics 3

Third Semester

EMT-P 103 Paramedic III 4
EMT-P 130 Paramedic Clinical III 2

Fourth Semester

EMT-P 201 Paramedic IV 4
EMT-P 210 Field Internship 2

Total Credits:  30

Please note: Students graduating from the Paramedic Studies collegiate certificate program will be responsible for additional fees related to certification and licensure.

Graduates of the Paramedic Program can apply credits earned towards an Associate Degree in either Health Science or Homeland Security. If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, you can also apply the majority of these EMS credits toward this degree. Be sure to work with an advisor to assure you are completing the proper credits and coursework.

Contact Information

Goodwin College

One Riverside Drive
East Hartford, CT 06118
Phone: 860-528-4111 and toll free:  1-800-889-3282
Directions: (860) 218-1241

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