LP Research Resources February 24, 2018

EMT Jobs Now

Several EMS agencies across the US have asked us to post their information as they continue to post new EMT job listings. If you are considering EMT and paramedic training; this might be the perfect time to choose your EMS courses or school. Hurricane Sandy, school shootings, global warming, current disasters; all these scenarios remind us of the importance of First Responders.

Our nation is built on the strength of those who step forward to serve the community around them. Our history is structured around heroes that put other people before their own needs, and share a concern for others that cannot be found in the common man. Since the attack on the world trade center, there has been a massive surge into this industry – everyday people stepping forward to join the ranks of police, fire and EMS. For those who choose this lifestyle, the path begins with an EMT training course.

If you think you can step into those shoes (tho actually they wear boots), then explore this website. Learn what it takes to be an EMT and paramedic. Find the best schools and the training that fits your needs. Start now…the career of an EMS professional is one to be proud of!