LP Research Resources February 24, 2018

Emergency Medical Service Labor Alliance


EMSLA is the Emergency Medical Service Labor Alliance.

Their mission statement: “To promote a closer bond of fraternity among the member organizations and the employees they represent who work in the primary capacity of paramedic and/or EMT; to offer assistance to any distressed member organization as may be practical; to foster communications before political, administrative, and legislative bodies regarding issues collectively decided upon by member organizations, or by the Board of Directors.”

The Emergency Medical Services Labor Alliance was established over twenty-five years ago as an information sharing network of organized EMS providers across the country. Their by-laws allow for both private and municipal union EMS workers to join EMSLA. Thus their EMT and Paramedic membership is widely represented.

EMSLA states, “We are able to effectively increase communication between stand-alone municipal and private EMS groups globally, to enhance collaborative efforts among these groups, support legislation critical to the needs of Emergency Medical Services, and protect EMS personnel around the world.”

EMSLA united with The IAEP (International Association of EMTS and Paramedics), has over twenty thousand members, and is committed to enhancing the field of EMS workers globally. The organization allows for the collaboration of global labor trends in EMS, EMS system comparison, deployment strategies, and many other aspects of Emergency Medical Services. The affiliation with the IAEP and EMSLA is, “… a huge step forward for members everywhere,” said National Director Philip Petit. “This will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of pro-EMS legislation, as well as shaping the future of the EMS profession as a whole. This affiliation will also help us (the IAEP and EMSLA) to shape goals and work together for the change that will aid EMS professionals around the country.”

Purpose and Focus

The main focus of the IAEP and EMSLA has been the updated EMS White Paper and moving EMS from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security.

The EMSLA and IAEP organizations wear many hats and the representatives are EMS and EMT paramedic professionals themselves. AS fellow EMS professionals they can understand and assist in the issues relating to this unique profession. IAEP provides EMT members with several services including grievance filing, contract interpretation, and arbitration. It also offers scholarships, family benefits, credit and financial counseling, as well as travel, entertainment and recreation discounts.

The EMSLA also works in affiliation with the IAEMSC (International Association of Emergency Medical Service Chiefs). The IAEMSC mission is to support, promote and advance the leadership of EMS response entities and to advocate for the EMS profession. IAEMSC membership is made up of leaders from both career and volunteer EMS organizations and proudly represents and embraces the diversity of EMS agencies throughout the world. They are IAEMSC a diverse, exciting professional organization committed to improving the provision of pre-hospital emergency medical care.