LP Research Resources January 23, 2018

Brazosport College EMT Paramedic Program


Brazosport College has an EMT paramedic training program that offers students the necessary courses for certification as an EMT paramedic.

The College is located in Lake Jackson, Texas at 500 College Drive. The campus is located just off old Angleton Road.  Suggs Park is nearby. The college offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree, an intermediate certificate, and an advanced certificate in Emergency Medical Services, leading to paramedic certification.

Program Information

The paramedic school program offered through Brazosport College is a 3-semester course consisting of 42 credit hours. During the first semester students will participate in EMT basic, including clinicals and be introduced to more advanced training for the EMT paramedic certification. The second semester will be intermediate care and focus on pharmacology. The final semester will be clinical experience and field experoence in EMS work.

The paramedic program begins in the fall and students can expect classes to take place during the day, night, and on the weekends. The college tries to meet everyone’s particular needs when it comes to class scheduling.

The EMT training program at Brazosport College will cover 8 areas of instruction which lead to EMT certification by preparing the student to meet the requirements for the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) exam. These 8 areas are: Critical Thinking, Professional Standards, Communication, Assessment, Technical Knowledge, Personal Safety, Clinical and Technical Skills, and Medical Legal Issues.

Program Prerequisites

To apply for one of the EMS programs offered through Brazosport College, you must first fill out an application to be accepted into the college. This can be done online at the college’s website. There are paper applications available if you cannot fill out the online application.  No application is guaranteed admission, and the EMS candidate will be evaluated in four areas in order to determine program acceptance eligibility, which include:
A personal interview, completion of the college’s relative admission requirements, specific education background, and healthcare experience. A mandatory orientation class is also necessary for admittance.

Other requirements include:

  • must be at least 18 years of age
  • must pass a criminal background check
  • must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • must have verification of current immunizations

In addition, for paramedic training a candidate must:

  • Complete the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Testing, which requires applicants to achieve “college level” reading, writing, and math.
  • Complete an AHA BLS (American Heart Association – Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Provider course and/or provide proof of current certification (within one year).
  • Complete an EMT training course and provide proof of DSHS certification

The paramedic training program will require individuals to first obtain an EMT-basic certification. The program is the most advanced EMT paramedic certificate offered and students will need to first show proof of basic EMS skills.

Contact Information

For more information about the programs offered through Brazosport College contact the Emergency Medical Services Department at (979) 230-3426 or email John Creech at John.Creech@brazosport.edu.  The college website also has a very detailed program information packet which is available online.